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Outsource Special Inspections is a registered class 2 special inspections agency* in New York City. Outsource Special Inspections provides TR1 and TR8 Inspections, consulting services, and continuing education training for architects.


Outsource Special Inspections, Inc. is a registered class 2 special inspections agency that can perform the special inspections (TR1) READ MORE

listed below, as well all progress inspections (TR8). Outsource will solicit bids for any special inspections not listed below to DOB approved companies on the client’s behalf and provide a cost analysis to help the client select a qualified bidder. Outsource can administer and coordinate the services of the company selected by the client.


Architectural inspections include interior items such as lighting, egress and exit sign markings, small building special inspections, and final review. READ MORE

Here is a list of architectural items that Outsource Special Inspections Coordinates:


Energy inspections are progress inspections confirming that components of energy systems comply with approved building plans. READ MORE

The NYCECC outlines regulations pertaining to energy code. Outsource inspects components related to piping and insulation against approved plans. We inspect all interior and exterior lighting infrastructures for energy use. Electrical systems inspected include tandem wiring and metering. We inspect HVAC and electrical motors for energy use. Fenestration, air sealing, and thermal values are inspected to confirm structures are properly closed off.

Here are the Energy inspections that Outsource Special Inspections coordinates:


Fire inspections are life safety inspections that test the assemblies related to fire protection. Spray fire-resistant material is an elaborate inspection process. READ MORE

Here are the Fire and Life Safety inspections that Outsource Special Inspections coordinates:


Mechanical inspections are inspections for a building’s optimal health and functionality. READ MORE

Here is a list of mechanical items that Outsource Consultants coordinates:


The New York City Buildings Department carefully specifies materials, application standards, and safety requirements of a building’s structural components. READ MORE

Structural inspections include wood and steel construction and fabrication process, its welding, structural safety, and erection. Masonry is inspected according to the building classification. Concrete construction must be inspected according to code. High strength bolts, nuts, and washers are monitored and periodically inspected. High-pressure steam piping and its welding process are inspected. Site preparation, soils, underpinning, and pier foundations are inspected according to code.

Here are the Structural Inspections that Outsource Special Inspections coordinates: