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Energy Inspections

Energy inspections are progress inspections confirming that components of energy systems comply with approved building plans. The NYCECC outlines regulations pertaining to energy code. Outsource inspects components related to piping and insulation against approved plans. We inspect all interior and exterior lighting infrastructures for energy use. Electrical systems inspected include tandem wiring and metering. We inspect HVAC and electrical motors for energy use. Fenestration, air sealing, and thermal values are inspected to confirm structures are properly closed off.


Special Inspections (TR8)

  • Protection of Foundation Insulation
  • Insulation Placement and R Values
  • Fenestration Thermal Values and Ratings
  • Fenestration Ratings for Air Leakage
  • Fenestration Areas
  • Air Sealing and Insulation – Visual
  • Air Sealing and Insulation – Testing
  • Projection Factors
  • Loading Deck Weather Seals
  • Vestibules
  • Fireplaces
  • Dampers Integral to Building Envelope
  • HVAC & Service Water Heating Equipment
  • HVAC and Service Water Heating System Controls
  • Duct Plenum and Piping Insulation and Sealing
  • Duct Leakage Testing
  • Electrical Metering
  • Lighting in Dwelling Units
  • Interior Lighting Power
  • Exterior Lighting Power
  • Lighting Controls
  • Exit Signs
  • Tandem Wiring
  • Electrical Motors
  • Maintenance Information
  • Permanent Certificate



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