Why do I need special inspections?
Special inspections are an important step in ensuring construction materials are compliant with documents approved by the DOB. A project cannot be signed-off unless the special inspections process is completed.
Who can perform Special Inspections?
Only special inspection agencies registered with the DOB may perform special inspections.
What is the difference between a progress and special inspection?
“Special Inspections” is an umbrella term that encompasses Special, Progress, and Energy Inspections. Special Inspections and Progress Inspections are fundamentally different. Special Inspections confirm materials used are compliant with plans approved by the DOB. Progress Inspections are regular construction monitoring services provided during a project.
What is the difference between class 1 and class 2 special inspection agencies?
Each special inspection agency registers as a class 1, class 2, or class 3. Within each class, each special inspection agency may perform special inspections in approved categories. In brief, a class 1 agency can inspect any project, while classes 2 and 3 have limitations. For more info see the DOB’s explanation here.
How frequent are special/progress inspections performed?
Special inspections may be as few as one single inspection. Progress inspections intend to occur at intervals during a project. In both instances, the type of construction dictates the frequency of inspections.
How much does Outsource Special Inspections charge for Special Inspections services?
It depends on the project. To get a quote for services click here. For a general price matrix, you can contact us.
Can Outsource Special Inspections perform all special inspections?
Outsource Special Inspections is a class 2 special inspections agency, meaning that we can perform all DOB approved class 2 and 3 inspections in house. Non-approved special inspection categories are bid out to vendors. See our list of DOB approved inspections here. For more information, contact us.
What happens during inspections?
A typical inspection adheres to the following general steps. First, the inspector schedules an inspection appointment with the construction company during business hours. During the inspection, the inspector does a walkthrough of the construction area. Over the course the inspection, the inspector provides a review the items inspected. The construction company’s designated agent has an opportunity during the inspection window to correct failed inspections items. In the event an inspection fails, the inspector notifies the designated agent how to proceed with correction.
Where does Outsource Special Inspections perform inspections?
Outsource Special Inspections can perform inspections anywhere in the five boroughs. For more details on the area covered, contact us.
Are there any size limitations to the jobs Outsource Special Inspections can perform inspections?
Outsource Special Inspections can tackle any job, large or small.
What type of projects can Outsource Special Inspections conduct inspections?
Outsource Special Inspections can handle any type of project including residential, commercial, institutions, and more.

What are Special Inspections?

Special Inspections exist to ensure building materials used comply with approved plans.

Who conducts Special Inspections?

An amendment to the Special Inspections rule in 2012 dictates special inspections be conducted by DOB approved agencies.

Where can Outsource perform Special Inspections?

Outsource Special Inspections performs inspections in all New York City’s five boroughs.